Set up or rebuild your PC estate quickly, easily and with total flexibility.

OS Installer, from Centrality is a powerful and versatile software suite that lets you configure new PCs, upgrade existing PCs or rebuild faulty PCs with total flexibility from machine to machine...

Whatever the hardware or form factor. However many machines are involved.

OS Installer. The ‘set up and keep up’ tool for managing your PC estate.

Need to get 3000 brand new PCs, servers and laptops set up and ready to go?

Need to strip back your entire PC estate so it’s ready to receive an OS migration, then configure and carry out that migration?

Need to remotely rebuild individual machines when they develop faults?

OS Installer is the answer.

Enterprise-proven, and available with the planning and implementation expertise of its developer, IT systems consultant Centrality, OS Installer gives you the power to get your hardware up and running, and keep it that way, fast.

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